The Eisenberg Patient Safety/Quality Awards: How To Apply (Prize: $2,000)

July 5, 20230

The Eisenberg Patient Safety/Quality Awards is now open.

The Eisenberg Patient Safety/Quality Awards is to recognize the major achievements of individuals and organizations to improve patient safety and healthcare quality which are consistent with the aims of the National Quality Strategy: better care, healthy people and communities, and affordable care. 

Better care, in particular, focuses on improving overall quality by making healthcare person-centered, safe, reliable, accessible, and equitable. 

The National Quality Forum (NQF) and The Joint Commission established the Eisenberg Patient Safety/Quality Awards in 2002. 

The accomplishments of award nominees/applicants should be clearly linked to the principles that Dr. Eisenberg promoted throughout his career: 

  • dedication to improving the quality of healthcare and patient safety 
  • leadership in advancing methods for measuring and reporting healthcare quality
  • expanding the public’s capacity to evaluate the quality and safety of healthcare
  • promoting healthcare choices based upon information about safety and quality
  • addressing public health-related patient safety and quality challenges 

The Award Categories 

  • Individual Achievement – Individuals who have demonstrated exceptional leadership and scholarship in patient safety and healthcare quality through a substantive body of work (i.e., over an extended time period, not intended for one-time project leadership).
  • National Level Innovation in Patient Safety and Quality – The focus of the project/initiative extends beyond local areas to being implemented across the country to achieve national impact. 
  • Local Level Innovation in Patient Safety and Quality – The project/initiative focuses on effecting impact at the local community, organizational or regional level (e.g., statewide). 

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Additional Information about the Awards and Application Process  

  • All applications and payment of $400.00 must be submitted by August 7 at 11:59pm (CT). 
  • Health care organizations applying for the National and Local Award that operate in settings for which the Joint Commission has accreditation/certification programs must be accredited/certified by The Joint Commission to be eligible for the award.
  • Application evaluation criteria assess the importance of the project’s contribution to patient safety and quality, whether the project represents a significant advancement in the given area or new/novel approach, the level of the project’s impact, and its replicability across organizations and sustainability demonstrated through supporting data/information. For example, how well the submission describes the improvement program, how it was sustained, and if it was scaled beyond one institution when possible. 
  • Awardees will be notified of the Award Panel’s decision by January 2024. 
  • All awardees are invited to attend the recognition ceremony to receive the award. 
  • No application-specific feedback or information about the outcome of Award Panel decisions can be provided prior to the official notification of the award recipients. 

Completing the Online Application 

Visit this link to download a PDF preview of the three application types (Individual, Local, and National Applications) to better inform your submission. 

This PDF is for reference only, all submissions must be entered into the online application to be considered. 

Applications are considered final once submitted and cannot be modified, please review carefully before submitting. 

Tips in preparing/writing your submission 

  • Avoid repetition, and provide specific responses to each question, including explicit examples for each question within the application. 
  • Ensure that sufficient data is shared to support the impact of the initiative Specifically, data provided with the application document improvements in processes of care, health outcomes, and/or experience of care using results tables, statistical tests, run charts, and other quantitative methods. 
  • Demonstrate sustained success improving intervention/outcomes for at least 12 months. 

The Application Process 

  • click “Register” in the upper right of this screen to become a user on this award site. 
  • The award site will prompt you to enter your name and email address. After verifying your email address via a link sent in an automated email, you will be taken to the application form. 
  • Then, please follow the prompts within the application platform. This platform will save your entries as you proceed through the application. 

Note – for the Supplemental Documentation and Short Bio uploads, after you upload your PDF document and “Mark as Complete” within the platform, you will not be able to replace the document. After you submit, you will not be able to revise. 

Once you submit the application, you will be provided a link to a payment site.

Payment submission of $400.00 is required by August 7 for your application to be considered by the award panel. 

If you are not immediately directed to submit payment upon your application’s completion, please contact us at 

Please note: By submitting an application, your organization agrees to allow The Joint Commission to share contents of your application, in part or in whole, for the purpose of inspiring organizations and sharing best-practices and improvement strategies.

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