How To Win Every Case: 5 Tips For Lawyers.

June 16, 20204

Do you really want to learn how to win every case you handle? What if I told you that there are lawyers who have never lost a case in their professional careers? Would you believe me?

But learning how to win every case is not rocket science. It’s the result of making precise decisions on the type of practice and cases you want to handle.

Years ago, a lawyer once declared that he had never lost a case in his career as a practicing lawyer. My eyes widened in surprise. 

“How come?”, I asked after a long, bewildering pause. “And how long have you been in the legal practice?” 

The lawyer grinned at me and replied, “One week, counsel. I’ve only practiced for a week.”

You can imagine my shock. I couldn’t argue with him because he was right. So the vast majority of lawyers who’ve never lost a case are brand new lawyers.

But some people have a warped view of what it means to win a case in court. Law is not politics where the winner takes it all. A party may lose a case but gets much more than the winner.

Successful lawyers know that winning a case has little to do with whether the matter ended in their favor or not. Once you can get a favorable outcome for your client, you are a winner.

Below are tips to help you win your cases all the time:

Be a Good lawyer.

To stand any chance of winning your case, you have to be a good lawyer. Being a good lawyer means presenting your client’s case to attract the best possible outcome.

Good lawyers possess the ability to persuade the court and opponents on the viability of their clients’ cases.

A good lawyer knows how to handle judges, opponents, and clients. A good lawyer is not sentimental and knows when to compromise in the interest of the clients.

Avoid Litigation.

No matter how good you are as a lawyer, if you litigate long enough, you’ll lose one day. 

Lawyers involved in litigation can only control their cases and how they present them in court. But the outcome or final decision rest with someone or some people.

Legal practitioners who have never lost a case are not in litigation. Lawyers in non-litigious areas of law can win every case because they have better control of the outcome of their cases.

Mediate don’t Litigate.

Many lawyers who are not sure of winning a case will never allow the case to end in litigation.

Good lawyers who hate to lose will rather negotiate with the other party at the pre-trial stage than take a chance with the judge and jury.

When the odds are all stacked against a client, a good lawyer sees a win as reaching a desirable compromise with the opponent.

Pick and Choose your Cases.

One good thing about law practice is the right to choose which matters to accept and which ones to reject.

If you want to win every case; pick and choose all the matters you handle. By opting for ‘a walk in the park cases’, you eliminate your chances of losing.

Control the Case.

Many lawyers file cases in court but have little or no belief in their chances to succeed. But they go to court anyway for some other reasons.

One reason some lawyers go to court, even when their chances of winning are slim, is because their clients insisted on suing. So they sue. After all, win or lose, the lawyer will be paid.

If you want to win every case, never allow your client to control what you’ll do. Refuse to go to court when you have no belief in the case’s success.

Lawyers are professionals and can analyze the likelihood of success or failure of a case much better than their clients.

Wrap Up on How to win your cases

The legal profession is all about using your skills to get the best possible result for the clients. Whether you win or lose the case in the process is, therefore, secondary.

Lawyers who want to win every case should consider a legal niche that is not litigious.

Once your matter goes to the court where a judge or jury has to decide the outcome, then you stand a chance of losing.


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