Do Lawyers Make Difficult Husbands And Bad Partners?

September 15, 20200

According to some people, lawyers have some personality traits that turn them into difficult husbands and bad partners.

Difficult husbands are nightmares to their wives and have little time for their children and other family members.

Although male lawyers are more likely to get married than male lawyers are more likely to get married than female lawyers, their divorce rate is reported to be among the highest of all professionals.

Some of the things that make lawyers successful in their careers are the same things that put strains in their marriage.

For anyone to turn out as a successful lawyer, the person must play the different roles that life presents.

Neglecting some roles will cause problems. Some lawyers are so dedicated to their legal practice that strains start to develop in their other roles.

The following are some of the factors that make some lawyers come across as difficult husbands and bad partners.

Having Little or no Time for Family.

To say that lawyers are busy is an understatement. The law profession is a fast-paced career that keeps lawyers on their toes.

Lawyers struggle to keep up with the demands of their clients as everyone wants to be given special attention.

After expending so much energy on their clients’ cases, many lawyers usually come home exhausted both physically and mentally.

A lawyer who comes home tired and worn out will have little or no time for his wife and children.

This lack of attention for the family makes some lawyers look like difficult husbands who do not have the interest of their families at heart.

Inability to Manage Stress.

Several research studies have revealed that the demands of law practice put a lot of stress on lawyers.

In legal practice, time is of the essence and lawyers work round the clock to beat deadlines and avoid the consequences of lateness.

The desire to satisfy their clients, their law firms, and the court leads some lawyers to the brink of emotional collapse.

Sometimes because of the adversarial nature of our legal system, lawyers tend to blame themselves when they lose their cases.

According to some research studies, stress not only affects productivity but also affects relationships at home.

Emotional stress can affect lawyers so much that some will take out their frustrations on their wives and children.

The inability of some lawyers to control their emotions leads them to lash out at their wives and partners at the slightest provocation.

Highly Suspicious.

I once heard of a well-accomplished lawyer who was engrossed in a tête-à-tête with his fiancée. 

“I love you,” said the lady to her learned fiance. 

The lawyer furrowed his brow and replied in the most romantic voice he could muster, “Do you have any evidence to prove this?”

When it comes to suspicion, lawyers tend to rank higher than most other groups in society.

Suspicion plays a huge role in legal practice as lawyers are expected to scrutinize every transaction, statement, and document.

Due to their legal training, lawyers question and examine every document, action, claim, and assertion.

Unfortunately, being suspicious in your marital and personal relationships can create problems.

Lawyers occupy many positions and play different roles in society as husbands, fathers, and partners.

When lawyers display a suspicious mindset towards their wives, it can create a toxic atmosphere in their relationship.

Skepticism leaves little room for trust in a relationship, and without trust, no relationship can thrive.

When lawyers carry their ‘critical minds’ into their marriages, it creates room for other problems that can destroy the relationship.

A Superior Attitude.

There is no doubt that lawyers exude a high level of confidence that people often accuse them of having a superior attitude.

This superior attitude has a lot to do with the way lawyers are trained in law school.

Lawyers are required not only to excel in academic works but also to be fit and proper.

Being fit and proper requires lawyers to mind the way they talk, dress, and associate with others in society.

There is no doubt that some lawyers have carried this attitude too far to the point of being plain arrogant to those around them, even to their wives.

Lawyers who carry this superior mentality into their marriage will surely have a hard time building a healthy relationship.

According to Fiona Travis, a psychologist with over 20 years of experience, many lawyer marriages are in trouble.

Lawyers should therefore learn to avoid a superiority complex in dealing with their wives and partners at home.

Unhealthy Preemption.

One of the worst marital mistakes that lawyers make is to turn their marital homes into courtrooms.

Lawyers are good when it comes to reading meanings into your words and interpreting body language.

While this skill is good in legal practice, it is one surefire way of killing your relationships.

Some lawyers have a bad attitude of forestalling, or launching a pre-emptive attack on their wives and partners during conversations. This can be hugely frustrating to the other person.

Wrapping it Up.

The demands of the legal profession can make some men not pay proper attention to their families.

Knowing how to balance your professional duties with your family duties is paramount if you want to have a happy marriage and legal practice.

While pursuing their legal practice, lawyers should not neglect their other roles as husbands and fathers. 

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