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August 3, 20200

Call for Papers for a Special Issue of International Journal of Discrimination and the Law COVID-19: Lessons for and from Vulnerability Theory

The Journal of Discrimination and the Law is seeking submissions for a special issue of their journal.


Covid-19: Lessons for and from Vulnerability Theory.

The organizers are inviting presentation proposals from interested parties on the theme.

Submission Deadline:

31 October 2020. Manuscripts will be considered as they are received.


Contributions are welcome which explore experiences of the pandemic within a single state, geographical region or through a comparative approach and which consider the impact of the pandemic on one area of law and/or policy (for example, family law, social security law, medical law, economic law, employment law, etc.) or across legal and policy frameworks more generally. Relevant questions for consideration include: 

  • How have the state’s historical conceptions of vulnerability impacted on its responses to the current pandemic?
  • Has the focus on ‘particularized bodies’ limited state responses to Covid-19?
  • What has the pandemic revealed about the current construction of social relationships and institutions and how might a vulnerability approach be used in response?
  • What do state responses to Covid-19 tell us about the current construction of the human body in legal and policy frameworks?
  • What does the pandemic tell us about the role of legal subjectivity in constructing the relationships and institutions that order society for everyone?
  • What has the pandemic exposed regarding who bears the burdens for the social reproduction of society and its institutions and how might this be impacted in future?
  • What might the crisis mean for reimagining the ‘responsive state’?  


The Call for Papers: International Journal of Discrimination is open for lawyers and other interested parties.

Submission Details:

Submissions should be between 8,000-10,000 words (including references) are welcome.

Submissions should comply with the guidance available here: Submissions will be subject to full peer review.

Submit your manuscript online by 31st October 2020 at:

Please feel free to contact the editors, Nicole Busby ( or Grace James ( If you require more information.

For more information see details here.

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