5 Qualities Of A Good Lawyer: Do You Have Them?

May 19, 20204

While there are many qualities of a good lawyer, there are a few that will get you noticed and set you apart from the crowd.

Although some of these qualities of a good lawyer come naturally to some legal practitioners, the good news is that, with perseverance, anyone can learn and develop them.

Those successful lawyers you admire and who appear to have these skills naturally have spent years developing and perfecting them.

So here are some of the skills and qualities of a good lawyer.

Networking Skills.

Networking is all about developing contacts and a healthy relationship with people both in and outside your field. 

One skill that is often attributed to successful lawyers is Networking skill. It is hard to find a good lawyer who does not have a wide network.

Smart lawyers have since recognized the importance of relationships in sustaining the business of law practice.

Law practice is a business, and like most businesses, lawyers need to network with other people to grow. Growing your business involves attracting clients and getting briefs from them.

Many successful lawyers attribute their success not only to their knowledge of the law but also to their networking ability.

Communication Skills.

The lawyer’s job is all about communication. Your ability to communicate effectively will determine your success as a lawyer.

Although some lawyers know the law, they struggle to communicate the same to the court, their clients, or the adverse party.

There are two types of communication skills.

  • Verbal Skills.

The ability to speak concisely and succinctly is necessary for every lawyer. It is not enough to study and cram legal terminology and not be able to explain it to ordinary people.

Clients tend to gravitate towards lawyers who can explain their problems in a way they understand. Failure to convince your clients of the course of action required for a particular case is the beginning of your failure.

Lawyers who have mastered the skill of advocacy persuade the courts much more easily than those who lack it.

  • Writing Skills.

Apart from speaking, lawyers also do a lot of writing. Many lawyers live solely on their writing skills. 

Lawyers are continually preparing one document or another. A lawyer’s ability to articulate his arguments, thoughts, and points in writing is key to future success.

Research Skills.

Every good lawyer is a good researcher. The legal practice is based on legal precedents used to persuade the court to give judgment in one’s favor.

If you want to know a good lawyer, check out his/her library. Good lawyers invest enormous resources in their libraries and research facilities.

Research skills are essential if you want to find answers to legal questions. The ability to lay your hands and refer the court to relevant sources is critical to your matters.

Analytical Skills.

One of the qualities of a good lawyer is excellent analytical skills. Being able to analyze a case from all sides is a massive part of a lawyer’s job.

A good lawyer should know when he/she has a good case and a bad case. This will enable him to make further decisions in the interest of his clients.

Creative Skills.

Creativity is one skills that distinguishes good lawyers from others. Creative skills involve being able to think on your feet to extricate yourself and your clients from a bad position.

As a lawyer, you will always encounter unusual and extraordinary situations from time to time. Your ability to come up with rational and practical solutions to the problems will make you exceptional.


Knowing the law is only a part of the requirements of being a good lawyer. Cultivating and having other skills is, however, necessary.

Practice they say makes perfect. Start today to practice some of the qualities of a good lawyer, and you will soon join the league of exceptional lawyers.


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