8 Alternative Career For Lawyers: Explore Other Options.

April 17, 20202

There are alternative career for lawyers who no longer have the motivation to engage in litigation or practice law in the traditional form. 

Some lawyers even sneer at other lawyers who have switched careers and embraced alternative career for lawyers.

Most legal practitioners are not aware that you do not need to practice traditional law to be successful. Some of the best paying legal jobs are outside the regular law practice. The possibility of what you can do with your legal skills is endless. So don’t be stuck or restrict yourself to the traditional roles of lawyers.

The following are some of the alternative career for lawyers.


Whether it is fiction or non-fiction, lawyers have what it takes to turn their wealth of legal experience into best sellers.

Because of the nature of their work, lawyers are privy to all sorts of information from their clients and witnesses in court. These information can become invaluable when they switch to alternative career for lawyers.

People like Robert Buettner, Scott Turow, Erle Stanley Gardner, Henry Fielding, Marjorie M. Liu, David Drake, Meg Gardiner, Lisa Scottoline, Louis Auchincloss, and John Grisham are some lawyers who became successful novelists.

If non-fiction is not your thing, but you have writing, research, and editing skills, you can learn how to build a legal writing career.

The opportunities are endless for legal writers as you can work as an editor, news articles writer, content writer, etc.

Public Speaking.

While some people are good at writing, others are gifted in speech. Public speaking has become an enormous source of income for many people around the world.

Many lawyers are naturally good in the field of advocacy, and so making the transition to public speaking will not be difficult.

Although public speaking is a very competitive field, combining legal skills with your public speaking skills will always set you apart.

Content Writing.

For those who do not want to venture into book publication but want to share ideas with the rest of the world, content writing is just the thing.

Content writing is one of the best alternative career for lawyers. It involves the process of producing written content published in various social media platforms, used in digital marketing.

A lot of people and businesses are looking for information and are willing to pay good money for it. 

Digital Marketing.

Closely related to content writing is digital marketing, which is a type of marketing that uses content published on the internet.

The field of digital marketing has grown enormously over the last few years into a multi-billion dollar business. 

Unfortunately, while other professionals are taking advantage of digital marketing opportunities, many lawyers are still dragging their feet.

Pursuing a career in digital marketing is not difficult. There are so many online lessons and lectures that will teach you the fundamentals in just a few hours.


Journalism is a good alternative career for lawyers who have a knack for the media. The media has now transformed from a one-size-fits-all business into a specialist business.

The best journalists are often those who are well-grounded in a particular area. Lawyers can use their legal knowledge and become legal correspondents and analysts for major media houses.


A website has become a famous avenue for people and businesses to share information with the rest of the world.

The opportunities for running a website are limitless. Many lawyers have expanded their practice and source of income by simply putting content on the net.

More and more lawyers are now abandoning the traditional practice of having a physical office to only having a virtual office.

Through blogging, lawyers create valuable content and build trust with their readers, who later become clients. 

So don’t hold back. Open a blog and share your thoughts. If you are good at it, your blog might end up on the top 200 legal blogs list.

Conflict Resolution.

Lawyers who no longer have the zeal of practicing law the traditional way can consider the developing area of conflict resolution.

The experience gathered through the years can come in handy to a lawyer to expertly help adverse parties come to a quick resolution of their matters.

Litigation is expensive and takes a lot of time. Warring parties are now turning to arbitration as a less costly and quicker way of settling their disputes.

Lawyers who have a flair for resolving complex matters can leverage their legal skills and build a thriving career in mediation.

One of the advantages of a mediation career is that most jobs are part-time work, allowing you time to focus on other areas.

Contract Manager/Consultant.

Business organizations, small, medium, and large, all engage in contracts that spell out the dos and don’ts of the transaction. 

Because of the binding legal effect of contracts, companies take great care in entering into one. Many big businesses hire lawyers as contract managers/consultants, to oversee every deal the company wants to make.


What matters in life is being satisfied and happy with yourself and what you do. 

Experts have asked lawyers to come down from their high horses and be open to explore other alternative career jobs. Don’t be limited by legal custom and tradition; instead, embrace change and variety.

Do you know of any other alternative career for lawyers? Pease let us know in the comment section.


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