5 Tips On Hiring The Best Lawyer For Your Case

April 8, 202010

Choosing the best lawyer these days for your case is not easy, especially when they are everywhere around you – from the small firm, consisting of just one or few lawyers, to large law firms comprising of many lawyers.

Deciding which lawyer or law firm to engage to represent you in court or to handle any legal matter you have is crucial. One wrong move, and you’ll regret it for the rest of your life.

It is true that once a lawyer comes out of law school, people assume that he can handle any legal matter. But the level of skill and expertise of lawyers differ.

It is imperative to note that the type of legal problem you have will determine the kind of lawyer you will need for your case.

Here are the things you need to do to get the best lawyer that will handle your legal problem.

Conduct an Inquiry.

Taking time to investigate the lawyer you intend to hire can save you from future regret. You do not need to involve the CIA or MOSSAD to make up your mind. Asking simple questions and making quick observations can reveal so much about a lawyer.

These are simple ways to conduct your inquiry.

  • Ask other lawyers: Lawyers know themselves. If you want to find in-depth information about a lawyer, there is no better person to ask than another lawyer.
  • Ask judiciary workers: Judicial workers know most if not all lawyers who are in active practice. They can, therefore, provide valuable information like a lawyer’s professional conduct, skill, competence, and reputation.
  • Interview former clients: former clients who have dealt with a lawyer in the past can attest to a lawyer’s ability. 
  • Visit the lawyer: A lawyer’s office can reveal so much about a lawyer. A good, well organized office can be evidence of a successful lawyer, while an untidy office shows a disorderly lawyer who may not be meticulous about the matter he is handling. The advantage of visiting the lawyer’s office is to assess the lawyer’s intelligence as he addresses your questions. Be wary of lawyers who are not offering solutions to your problems but are focused on money.
  • Ask friends and neighbors to recommend a lawyer: People who have no vested interest are always in the best position to recommend the best lawyer.

Go for Experience.

Lawyers who have gathered a lot of experience in a particular area of law are invaluable. In law, like every other profession, the more experienced one garners, the more proficient one becomes.

Make sure that the experience the lawyer has is relevant to your case. If you have a criminal case, it doesn’t make sense to hire a lawyer who has a lot of experience in company law but very little in criminal law.

Hire a Specialist. 

While most lawyers do general practice and will accept any brief, a few others have decided to specialize in one or a few areas of law.

The best lawyers for a case are usually those who have specialized in that particular area of law. 

A lawyer who has spent a few years practicing in a specialized area of law is better than someone with many years in general practice and probably minimal experience in that area. 

Size Matters.

Many clients always think that large law firms offer the best legal services. But that is not necessarily correct.

You need to consider the size of a law firm depending on the nature of your case. Small and large firms have their advantages and disadvantages. 

If you have matters that require personalized and quick attention, small firms with one or few lawyers are the best for you. Apart from having fewer cases, a lawyer in a small law firm is always ready to start working on your case immediately.

High profile cases are best suited for big law firms who have developed a big reputation. Sometimes just a letter from such a firm can solve your problem.

Large firms also have enormous resources and personnel to devote to your matter.


Don’t be deceived into thinking that the more a lawyer charges, the more competent he is likely to be.

On the other hand, clients should be wary of any lawyer that charges ridiculously low fees.

So do not join the bandwagon and end up bankrupt by hiring expensive law firms. You can get the same services from a small law firm for a reasonable charge.

In conclusion

Remember that lawsuits and problems requiring legal services are a fact of life. If you do not sue, another person will sue you.

Being successful in your legal matter depends to a considerable extent on the kind of lawyer you hire.

People with very ‘bad cases‘ have been able to get good results, or at least mitigate the consequences through the quality and experience of their legal representation.

Be a smart client, therefore and play your part in getting the best lawyer that you can afford to handle your matter.

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